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Alice Cooper- The Congregation Lyrics

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Alice Cooper- The Congregation Lyrics 

Now you’re here so have no fear, I’m just your friendly guide
So come along coz you belong, you joined us when you died
From your birth until your final breath
I’m proud to say you finally entertained yourself to death

Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
A little tiny pinch of deviation

We understand what you had planned goes by another name
Where bluebirds sing and church bells ring, well isn’t that a shame
Your application sadly was denied
But let’s be clear, we love you here, you’re on the other side

Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
We promise it won’t stain your reputation

[The Guide:]
Ah, as you can see over here the broken glass chamber are the boys from wall street. Let’s here it for the boys. And here in the eternal mariachi room for the defrocked priest and telemarketers. And the totally fiery pit of boiling death the lawyers, pimps and mimes…

Welcome to the congregation
Welcome to the congregation
Welcome to the congregation
I hope we meet your expectation
So thanks for dropping by here
We’re really gonna try here
But in the end you know you’re gonna fry…. fry…. fry… here

Umm.. excuse me sir, is there a bathroom here?

[Alice Cooper- The Congregation Lyrics]

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