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Anthony Hamilton - Mama Knew Love Lyrics

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Anthony Hamilton – Mama Knew Love Lyrics 

Ladies & Gentlement
We got Anthony Hamilton in the house tonight he just came from off tour..he got a little
Somthing he wanna say

[verse 1]
I know you love me
I can tell by the that you kiss me tight when you hug me
Took me to school the very first day u gave me a piece of butterscotch sent me on my way
I know its frightening now i can tell by the pain in your eyes when the rent was late again To
Strong to fold being on your own Lord bless her soul….mama knows love

Mama knew love like the back roads
Used to fall asleep daily in her work clothes
Mom swear you never have to worry again
Mama knew love like the back streets
Used to wipe pee just to make the end meet
Mom swear you never have to worry again

[Verse 2]
Up bright and early scrambled eggs swellin’ in ya legs bills on the bed
Still you managed to show me a smile
Then walk to work about two or three miles
Mom I’m gonna struggle witcha
I’m gonna help you see the bigger picture
You gave me something no one could take away
You made it so easy to say…I love ya mama


Mama knew love she gave me love
Crazy love so much love
Mama knew love she gave me love
Crazy love so much love

[Repeat 3X]
[Ad lib out......]

[Anthony Hamilton - Mama Knew Love Lyrics]

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