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Ashanti - Intro Lyrics

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Ashanti – Intro Lyrics

[Guy:] Previously on Ashanti

[Ashanti:] Always there when you call, always on time, gave you my,
Baby be mine, Always there when you call…
What’s love? It’s about us, It’s about trust, Babe, What’s luv..
Just like a thug, Cause he can’t stop, Just cause she loves a
Thug, And he moves just like a thug, Which means he can’t stop
Just don’t know how to, I said, Moves just like a thug…
Hiiiiiiiiiii…..Murda, It’s Murda…
Ooh, There’s something I’ve been thinking that your crew
Should know…
Don’t go [x6], Wastin’ my time…Now we’re gonna, Now we’re
Gonna, Now we’re gonna, Now we’re gonna….
Every time we break it’s murda INC, You know it’s love for
Thugs cause thug is in our blood, We don’t take no shit, If
They want that shit….

[Ja Rule:] You know it’s murda, (Ya) murda, will be right here, cause it’s…

[Guy:] And now for our feature presentation

[Girl:] Here’s Ashanti #1 again today for, Foolish!

[Ashanti - Intro Lyrics]

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