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Azealia Banks - Van Vogue Lyrics

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Azealia Banks – Van Vogue Lyrics

Real, yeah


Been pop pop a single pal
Don’t you crop top my pickle down
..Is the way down town
That’s just up and..The sound
Hope you ..Other bng south
Or just..Be in style
Like the reast up ..
..Me up turn her down
Got the coo cook the young young wow
Oh the so so the ass so round
Trust is trouble we can’t go down
Bust a bitch bubble where is my crown

Bang a pop pop a single pal
Bang a pop pop a single pal
The bitch she ain’t the bitch no now
Is the one the cut is up
Is the look so the bitch look style
Bang a pop pop a single pal
If she ain’t know the bitch know now
If she ain’t know the bitch know now

Don’t fill yourself too much
Oh the friend won’t love you ..Now
No no, no no

In that you’ve been did that
You’ve been with that
You’ve been with that bitch with the..
Dont’ forget when you spend the shit
..But it’s in the..
So get your..You’re in that witch
You’d better spend that..
If she ain’t a..You’d better spend that .
Baby..Damn little..In that..Just can’t breathe

When i sip that ..
When i taste that look like this
That bitch let em get that rip
Dance with the dance with the..
Lick that .. When that rich
Hands in the .. Like this, like this
Dance with the ..

[Lyrics to Van Vogue performed by Azealia Banks]

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