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Black Veil Brides - Unbroken Lyrics

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Black Veil Brides – Unbroken Lyrics

I’ll never walk away.
Tear down!, the walls that will surround.
Cry out!, above the burning sound.
Show me!, how bleeding hearts can pound.
If we stand together, we will be… unbroken!

We carry forward into… the night.
The strength of innocence… like children’s laughter…
An army standing for what is right.
We’ll fall like angels if we lose what matters.
I’ll never walk away…
Tear down!, the walls that will surround
Cry out!

[Lyrics to Unbroken performed by Black Veil Brides]

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Writer(s): Jeremy Miles Ferguson, Andrew Dennis Biersack, Sean Beavan, Jacob Mark Pitts, Blair Daly Copyright: Atlantic Records ASCAP Pub Designee, Kickin' Grids Music, Jacob Pitts Music, Jinxxed For Life Music, Internal Combustion Music, Affiliated Music Pub O.B.O. Abierasck, Southside Independent Music Publishing, WB Music Corp. Lyrics powered by

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