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Cee Lo Green - Little Black Book Lyrics

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Cee Lo Green РLittle Black Book Lyrics 

Under dust I discovered (Look what I’ve discovered)
A book without a cover (Ah, little black book)
I take to my favorite chair, by the fire…
The art of storytelling (I’m involved now)
Characters so compelling (I think I love her)
The words of a woman’s will and mission:
To make my reality stranger than fiction

She’s a novel, a mystery book
Looks like I found the future in a history book
So beautiful, that I’m blinded by the light…
(Blinded by the light…)
She’s a sweet (sweet), sweet love story
Written especially for me
And I like to thank you for, all the adventure
And that excitement in my life

It’s you I’m chasing after (sha-la-la-la-la-da-da)
From chapter to chapter (la-la-la-la-laaa-laaaaaah)
Love led me to it (from inside me…)
Just got me through it (got me…)
I dream about you in my sleep
The hardest secret that I had to keep
Did she write me so that someone imagine this woman?

I wish you were here and I wish I was there
I wish that you, were here and, I wish I was there
The more I realize I could see her
I’m a believer, ahhhhhh…

[Cee-Lo sings over the second time]
She’s a novel… a mystery book…
I like to thank you for, all the adventure
And that excitement in my life
Al-riiiiiiiiight… alright
Ooh alriiiiight baby
Aliright, you make everything alriiiiight…
Oooooh Lord, alright…
Everything alright [fades]

[Cee Lo Green - Little Black Book Lyrics]

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