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David Archuleta - Wait Lyrics

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David Archuleta – Wait Lyrics [Asian Bonus Track]

[Verse 1:]
I can’t sleep I’m feeling wide awake
Tonight is taking it’s time
How much more before the morning breaks
And I can leave it all behind
‘Cause everytime I try to close my eyes
I only end up seeing memories of you
And it’s never enough
I’m waiting

Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
If this is just a dream I won’t give it back
I’ll find a way to make it last
One more minute
Wait wait wait don’t go
Just one more minute
Wait wait wait don’t go

[Verse 2:]
I am keeping every word you said
But how much longer can I hold on
‘Cause whispers echoing until they fade
Remind me that you’re already gone
‘Cause evertime I try to chase your voice
I end up getting lost and running in circles
And it’s never enough
I’m waiting

[Repeat Chorus]

Wait wait wait don’t go
Just one more minute
Wait wait wait don’t go

[Repeat Chorus]

[David Archuleta - Wait Lyrics]

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