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Dawn Richard - Change (Interlude) Lyrics

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Dawn Richard – Change (Interlude) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I don’t know if he knows he’s a diamond in the rough
Cause he used to me showing him that he’s not enough
Need to start showing him every day
If he was Religion, I would be the faith.

Things ain’t changed, ain’t changed
Still the sameĀ [x2]
I still love you like the angels do!
It ain’t changed, ain’t changed
Still the sameĀ [x2]
I still love you like I’m suppose to!

Oh God, I pray he hears this
I want him to feel it
I won’t see daylight
If it ain’t right
I won’t let you go tonight
Do you see love in my eyes?
Boy, you know I really try

I ain’t letting you go
I won’t let you walk out that door
Know I need to handle things that I ain’t really used to be.
I’ll work on it, baby.

[Chorus x2]

[Dawn Richard - Change (Interlude) Lyrics]

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