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Faithless- Take The Long Way Home (End Of The Road) Lyrics

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Faithless- Take The Long Way Home (End Of The Road) Lyrics

The long way home….
Now I’m in the flow [11x]
The long way home…. [4x]

I’ve been in places by chance, never intended to go.
And so ended my youth, I once depended on proof,
now I’m in the flow.
There are things I know beyond knowing.
Seems growing.
I lift ya of the earth, mundane and glum, out the
solar system, way past the sun. Till my
kingdom come.

I guided sleeping rough on the streets in the rain.
I guided learning to share my people’s pain.
I guided making flowers of broken hearts of stone.
I guided ’cause I always took the long way home…


[Faithless- Take The Long Way Home (End Of The Road) Lyrics]

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