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Gin Blossoms - Curious Thing Lyrics

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Gin Blossoms – Curious Thing Lyrics 

Here goes,
Who knows,
She’s walking my way.
Heading forever,
And I could die today.

For so long,
I’ve worked on,
Finding out her name.
Something’s happening,
I just can’t explain.

I’m attracted to a force of nature,
Starts me up just like a generator.

She’s a world of mystery,
She’s a curious thing,
It’s messing with my mind again,
She’s a curious thing.

She’s a curious thing.

She shines so brightly,
Radiates on me.
Mix me up,
With secret chemistry.
And she’ll find me,
And help me,
Just tell me what you need from me.

There’s no denying,
All these questions fall to me.
I’m attracted to a force of nature,
Starts me up just like a generator.


She’s a curious thing.

Makes you wonder what it feels like,
Just the thing that took the cat’s knife,
She always leaves me thinking everytime.


She’s a curious thing…

[Gin Blossoms - Curious Thing Lyrics]

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