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Hurt - Numbers Lyrics

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Hurt – Numbers Lyrics 

On a sunny day
That I wake
I doubt that I’ll get better tomorrow
Maintained by the reasonable thing that I wish
Underneath my eyelids
So much hate and violence
What it took to build me
Wasn’t enough to kill me

Oooooooh, let me lie some more
I really needed a friend
Who’ll listen till the end

Such a pleading case that I made
Convinced them that we could do again
What we did back then but even better tomorrow
Just another number
Dropped for better value
To nothing but build me
Wasn’t enough to kill me

Ooooooh, let me lie some more
I really needed a friend
At least until the end

Would you give me life support?
It never has to end
These are the numbers
Let me look at the numbers

Now, what will be, will be, will be, kills me

Ooooooh, let me lie some more
It never has to end
But look what we began

You gave me life support
And never let it end
And listened till the end

Cuz you, you were my support
When I really needed a friend
Just look at the numbers
Cause we are the numbers

[Hurt - Numbers Lyrics]

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