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IIO- The One Lyrics

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IIO- The One Lyrics

There’s no doubt in my mind who you are
There’s no thought other then yours
My heart felt like a rose in the graveyard
But you dug and I knew you you belonged

You found
What was profound
What was around
You and I

A romance fairy tale from the soul
I knew I wasn’t alone in this world
My heart keeps beating a melody
The noise inside my heart sets me free

You’re the one
Where I belong
I was alone
Till you came along
The one

You’re the one
Where I belong
I was alone
Till you came along
The one

You built a fortress around my kingdom
You sat down on the throne ’cause you won
You opened all the doors to the fortune
I’ll give you all the loving in gold

It’s true
All because you
Wouldn’t let go
Of you and I


[IIO- The One Lyrics]

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