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James Fortune & Fiya - Still Able Lyrics

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James Fortune & Fiya – Still Able Lyrics

I’ve been hurt and abused
Even lied to by the ones I trusted most
I have some nights I cried more than I prayed
That’s when God said to me
I am still in control
Now the worry is over
And the doubt is gone away
God reminded me that he’s still able
God reminded me that he’s still able
Thank you Lord
There are some days
I feel like giving up, and I wonder
How could God love me and let me go through so much
Anyone could ask that question
I’m afraid to carry this hurt all alone
Turn day more than ever
I need your help lord
With you I can move on, move on
Now the worry is over
And the doubt is gone
Cause you’re not alone
Now the worry is over
And the doubt is gone
Lift your hands and say
Now the worry is over
Thank you Jesus
And the doubt is gone
God reminded me, you can’t forget
That he’s still able
I was about to give up
God reminded me, he reminded me
That he’s still able
But it’s not easy to
Sometime it’s oh God
you’re surrounded by problems
So many problems they weigh you down
But he cares for you
You got to know, my sister, my brother
And he leave you there, not for long
So right now I just need you to be strong
And remember
That he’s able
He hasn’t changed, he’s still able, still able
Seems like problems waiting in line just for you
he’s still able, still able
you say I never faced everything like this before
he’s still able, still able
a favor, because
God is able, when you cry
Remember God is here
He’s still able
In the of your storm, it’s good to know that
God is able
In the hospital, able, in the court house, able
Even in your house, believe
He’s still able
You can’t give up good will provide
Whenever you need
If they walk out on it
If they never come back
If they don’t support you
He sees you God knows your pains
he’s the God that he is
If you lose your job and you can’t pay your bills
No food on the table, I know he’s able
You can wipe your tears cause he’s everything
That you need, that you need

[James Fortune & Fiya - Still Able Lyrics]

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