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Motion City Soundtrack - Boombox Generation Lyrics

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Motion City Soundtrack – Boombox Generation Lyrics 

(there’s no consolation prize)
there’s no prize for consolation

All stuck in the middle
between what is and what might be
a great sensation
has swept the nation
everybody wants the image you’ve got for sale
with massive compromations on your part
but buddy you’ve taken the nation
check it out the new teen beat model of the year

[Spoken:] “my sister’s totally into you guys”

(there’s no consolation prize)
there’s no prize for consolation

Struck down from the pillar
short lived is all you’ll ever be
a once great sensation
has wiped out the nation
your message is no longer for sale
and no proclamation
will return the station
you held onto while the rest of us moved on
as not quite sensations
but mere subatomic particles of the nation
we’re happy if our songs get heard at all
so bring forth donations
for the boombox generation
that’s right

(there’s no consolation prize)
there’s no prize for consolation

Don’t be afraid
of what you say
’cause anyway
is the only way

[Motion City Soundtrack - Boombox Generation Lyrics]

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