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Natalie Imbruglia - Sometimes Lyrics

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Natalie Imbruglia – Sometimes Lyrics 

Isn’t it like me
to want to say
things I can’t explain …
in simple ways?

Why should I be sane?
Why can’t I be crazy?

Sometimes I’m up,
sometimes I’m down,
I choke on words,
and make no sound.

Sometimes I’m weak
sometimes I’m strong
living with the fear I don’t belong

Why is it so hard
to know myself?
Underneath this skin you’ll find
someone else.

Don’t be so surprised
when you look inside me
inside me

Sometimes It’s black
sometimes It’s white
you hide behind electric light

Sometimes I swear
sometimes I pray
suddenly the guilty disobey

Sometimes I’m weak
sometimes I’m strong
living with the fear I don’t belong

Sometimes I stand
sometimes I fall
I throw myself against the wall

Sometimes I sink
sometimes I swim
tell me why my world is caving in

Sometimes it’s sweet
sometimes it’s raw
trying to get so high like I did before

Sometimes in love
sometimes in hate
sometimes it’s all a big mistake

[Natalie Imbruglia - Sometimes Lyrics]

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