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Neon Trees - Hooray For Hollywood Lyrics

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Neon Trees – Hooray For Hollywood Lyrics 

Take me on
What ever went wrong
My tongue on your tongue
Makes me feel better
Our first kiss
A slap on the wrist
My heart is a fist
And you’re left of center

Gimme gimme gimme your attention
Strange ways babe
I only wanna move like you move
I’m watching you

Hooray for Hollywood

Read my lips
I’ll get my kicks
You get your fix and we’ll go out dancing
You’re so low
I’m watching you glow
The last picture show

I only wanna move like you move
I’m watching you

Hooray for Hollywood

River Phoenix, James Dean, Corey Haim, Brandon Lee, Michael Jackson,
George Reeves, Sharon Tate, Britney Murphy, Heath Ledger,
Freddie Prinze, Marilyn, The Lizard King, Natty Wood, John
Belushi, Janis, Jimi, Amy, Whitney


[Neon Trees - Hooray For Hollywood Lyrics]

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