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Nikka Costa - Love To Love You Less Lyrics

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Nikka Costa – Love To Love You Less Lyrics 

You can’t keep a home
And you can’t repay a loan
And both your cars have just been reposessed
I’d love to love you less

When we’re alone
Half the time you’re on the phone
Well maybe baby if I sent it in a text
I’d love to love you less

Much to my horror
You ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer
It’s a good thing my friends ain’t hard to impress
I’d love to love you less

Oh but I’d be sad I’d be blue
And if you left I’d cry about you
But I’d eventually forget
If it wasn’t for this tattoo
You made me get

Oh but look what you made me do
Now I’m stuck with you
And so is everyone who’ll ever see me undressed
I wish I loved you less

Oh what can I say what can I do
My heart can’t help but pound for you
And no matter how hard I try
And Lord knows how hard I’ve tried
Your hold on me just won’t undo

But don’t you cry for me
I’ve always had weak knees
For somebody who can go all night
Without rest
I’d love to love you less
I must confess I’d love to love you less
Oh yes I’d love to love you less

[Nikka Costa - Love To Love You Less Lyrics]

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