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No Doubt- Panic Lyrics

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No Doubt- Panic Lyrics

Today is going to be easy
Today ’cause you’re not around
I’ll leave off my makeup
I’ll sleep in my bed
To pass all the time by
Today ’cause you’re not around
Today you won’t be around

I concentrate on empty spaces
A passive pondering of blackness
Sit down shut up controled obsessions
Your absence, it exhausts me

Oh I always panic when I’m left
Oh I always panic when I’m left

Today I feel destructive
Today who cares about myself
I’ll live in denial
And I’ll beat up my head
And I’ll eat all the chocolate
Today ’cause you’re not around
Today you won’t be around

I can’t control my feelings
I sip on dreams and choke on real things
Detatch myself of preservation
I struggle to to not want you

Oh and it’s panic when I’m left
Oh is it healthy that we met
The fears start coming when I forget
I always panic

Today is gonna be simple
Today ’cause you’re not around
My heart will go lazy
No one to impress
No smile is required

Today ’cause you’re not around
Today you won’t be around


[No Doubt- Panic Lyrics]

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