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One Direction- Torn Lyrics

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One Direction- Torn Lyrics

I thought I saw a girl brought to life
She was warm, she came around like she was dignified
she showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldnt be that girl I adored
You dont seem to know, dont seem to care what your heart is for
But I dont know her anymore
Theres nothing left i used to cry
My conversation has run dry
Thats whats going on, nothings fine Im torn

Im all out of faith, this is how I feel
Im cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
Im wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
Youre a little late and Im already torn
Im already torn

Theres nothing left i used to cry
My inspiration has run dry
Thats whats going on, nothings fine Im torn
You’re a little late
Im already torn
Im already,im already torn

[One Direction- Torn Lyrics] Thanks to user miss M and Makayla Ippolito for the contribution.

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