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Prodigy- Fire Lyrics

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Prodigy- Fire Lyrics

How are you feeling?
In the party!
How are you feeling?
Are you ready?
I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you…

When I was a youth I used to burn Cali weed in a
(warped) Rizla-ah-ha-a-Rizla-ah
I am the god of hellfire…


[Prodigy- Fire Lyrics]

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Writer(s): Alvin Lindsey, Philip Jordan, Kentrell Lindsey, Jesper Carl Erik Anderberg, Jean-Marie Carroll, Vincent Crane, Frederick Nelson, Nigel Bennett, Arthur Wilton Brown, Fredrik Ulf Edward Nilsson, Michael Finesilver, Peter Ker, Adam Nutter, Adrian Lillywhite, Moritz Friedrich, Stuart Coleman, Felix Tegsell Rodriguez, Maja Hanna Maria Ivarsson, Robert Harvey, Salvatori Panetta, Nick Tesco, Michael Ivor Finesilver, Arthur Brown, Johan Andreas Bengtsson, Christopher Owen Frederick Payne Copyright: BMG Vm Music Ltd., Onward Music Ltd., Orient Pacific Music Pty Ltd., Delabel Music Publishing (Uk) Ltd., Tom Bone Music, Monkeytown Music Gmbh, Artist Publishing Group West, Just Isn'T Music Ltd., BMG Rights Management (Ireland) Ltd. Lyrics powered by

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