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Rodney Atkins- A Man On A Tractor Lyrics

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Rodney Atkins- A Man On A Tractor Lyrics

I woke up the same way this morning
Like a stranger in my own life
Tired and confused with too much to do
Nothing left for my kids and my wife
Oh I clung to that first cup of coffee
Praying god, won’t you show me what’s real
Then out in the distance I saw through the window
A man on a tractor with a dog in a field

The dog walked just like it was smiling
The man drove like the world was all right
The tractor hummed on like a part of a song
That you sing to your children at night
His work was laid out there before him
In rows of green, his whole life was revealed
Oh what I wouldn’t give if I could just live
Like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field


Let me do what I’m doing
Let me be where I am
Let me find peace of mind
On my own piece of land
When I’m lost, help me to let go
And find someway to feel
Like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field

There I was watching and wondering
My wife came down and sat beside me
She said. “it’s not about living another man’s life
It’s about seeing your own differently
Oh this home that I love and my children
What more could one man hope to yield
Then she touched my face
And said, “there’s more than one way
To be a man on a tractor with a dog in a field

[repeat chorus]

 [Rodney Atkins- A Man On A Tractor Lyrics]

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