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Santigold - The Keepers Lyrics

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Santigold – The Keepers Lyrics

I walk by with smoke in my eyes
Like we don’t know where we’ve been
That’s it boy, just state your case
You’re just as wrong as you were then

Want to move? Throw your hands up
Say I don’t make no rules
No one even knows I’m here
Now it’s all you to man up
You see no way to hang on what you say

We’re the keepers, while we sleep in America
Our house is burning down, our house is burning
We’re the keepers, while we sleep in America
Our house is burning down
Our house is burning down (Down now keepers, down)
Our house is burning down

Ask me why, dream that you buy
But later want is a dangerous thing
Watch out for the snakes ride past
And turns around and it sucks you in

What happens when you get stuck?
Get to the bottom of the illusion that you’re in
From the roof now, it’s your go
No one else without will do you in


And not a thing I’ve done obeys my fear
And not a thing I’ve done obeys
And still I never have to run
We are gone, we are gone
On our hills where we all are done

[Hook x2]

[Lyrics to The Keepers performed by Santigold]

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