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Senses Fail - The Martyr Lyrics

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Senses Fail – The Martyr Lyrics

When I look back
I miss the hope I used to have
The sense of passion and the meaning
Cause I’m not the same
I’m not the one that plays the part
Of a martyr with a broken heart.

Leaving me to be nothing
So bury me
I used to feel something inside of me
I used to feel something inside

Now every time I pick myself up
I just fall down faster
So what’s the use of trying
To be something I’m not
I’ve still got hope that I can
Fix this all with one disaster
I’ll die alone
Ashamed without a note

So look at me
What exactly do you see
A man who isn’t what he once was
I hate myself but I’m to blame
I fell in love with the state of shame



I’ll die alone
Ashamed without a note
I’ll die alone. Oh, [x2]

I hang all my lies, on hooks with my art
To show myself, a cowards heart
Cause all I want, is to forgive myself
To burst inside, and bloom alive

The truth in me, is so blurry
The lines have been my guide
But I have drown all…….
I bare with me, uncertainty
My insecurities, redefine who….

I hang all my lies
On hooks with my art
To show myself [x2]


[Senses Fail - The Martyr Lyrics]

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