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Sex Pistols- Belsen Was A Gas (Ronnie Biggs Movie Version) Lyrics

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Sex Pistols- Belsen Was A Gas (Ronnie Biggs Movie Version) Lyrics

[Spoken:] Ok this time for real…
“Belsen Was A Gasser”

Belsen was a gas I heard the other day
In the open graves where the Jews all lay
Life is fun and I wish you were here
They wrote on postcards to those held dear

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….

Dentist search their teeth for gold
Frisk the Jews for bank notes rolled
When they found out what they got
Line them up and shoot the lot

Kill a man, be a man, kill a man…

Wonder what the Jews would say
If I told them where Boorman was today
Would they start a vendetta
You’d better ask Ernie Ledbetter

Ledbetter, Ledbetter, Ledbetter….

[Sex Pistols- Belsen Was A Gas (Ronnie Biggs Movie Version) Lyrics]

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