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Slaughterhouse - Throw That Lyrics (Feat. Eminem)

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Editor's comments:
SlaughterHouse team up with Eminem for a track off their 2012 album, "Welcome to: Our House".
The track is titled "Throw That" and is produced by T-minus and is available for download on iTunes.

Slaughterhouse – Throw That Lyrics (Feat. Eminem)

[Eminem - Hook]
She strips, to get tips
Those lips and those childbearing hips
I’ll throw this, I’ll throw this dick on you girl (girl)
I’ll throw this, I’ll throw this dick on you girl (girl)

Gonna make you feel me, gonna shake this building till I make you spill drinks
Girl, this whole building is probably filled with little dingalings
But not me, I- I throw this dick on you girl
I throw this, I throw this dick on you girl

[Royce Da 5'9"]
They call me Nickel Nina aka (ROYCE!) aka (throw dat dick?)
A player gotta keep a condom on cause we play safe
Eh, then I’m taking the condom off cause I skeet they face
Then I turn of Jodeci cause they say “baby want you to stay but you can’t stay”
It aint trickin’ it if you gettin it, if you aint got that you aint ballin’
You mad, they call me botox up in Hermes cause I help them get rid of all those bags
(All those bags) I throw this brick on you girl
Then I drink up, whats your number?
I’ma throw this dick on you girl

She’s got it, ohhh she got all the homies in here
Excited, ohh I dont really know how to describe it

The strippers love me and I love them too
My bitch gon be like what am I gon do witchu

[Eminem - Hook]

[Crooked I]
I’m Crooked I, aka fuck your girl
Up up in the sky
When it come down, say “FUCK THE WOOOORLD”
These strippers are sprung
My middle initial is awful richard and my nicknames
right on the tip of her tongue
The side of her mouth is dripping with (EH, eh-eh)
I’m drunk right now, stomped right now
Tryna figure out how to get four chicks to sit on one chair
Oh yeah, turn the chair upside down, upside down
I throw this grip on you girl
Talking that handcuff you aint never coming home
Man finna trip on your girl

She’s got it, ohhh she got all the homies in here
Excited, ohhh, I dont really know how to describe it

Baby you got some incredible skills
I want brain you want shoes
True love’s always head over heels

[Eminem - Hook]

I said yo yo
You got me on the string I’m dangling like a yoyo
You string me along and leave me hanging and thats a NO No
In my world, cause I throw this thing on you girl

[Joe Budden]
Look, they call me Joe Butt-in
I be around when them hoes strut in
This relationship is 50/50
If you meet me halfway I get the whole nut in
Cause I’m in town, just one day now spin round
Get ya face out the way
And just when she want an encore, I’m gone
I’m sorry I couldn’t stay

[Joell Ortiz]
They call me O-E double-L Ortiz
AKA Yaowa, aka ah nuttin, I just got an ak in my jeans
Can I spray your flower
I aint really tryna sit with you girl
When you finish that spit lets split
Wheres your wrist let me throw this grip on you girl

She’s got it, ohhh she got all the homies in here excited,
ohhh, I dont really know how to describe it

…before this night is a blur, here’s my offer
That shit you did, do that with her
And both of you girls..?

[Eminem - Hook]
(Throw dat dick)

[Lyrics to Throw That performed by Slaughterhouse (Feat. Eminem)]

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