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Snow Patrol - My Brothers Lyrics

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Snow Patrol – My Brothers Lyrics

You might think your cursed
But with so much worse
Is the knowledge that you are
When your cursed with love
That is buried so deep
That you can’t dig it out of you
When your crystal ball
Is a towering wall
And the road is a dark book end
You know what remains
Is what needs maintain
But your temper Is not your friend

Take it easy on me now my brothers
Take it easy on me now my brothers

When their games are driving you up the wall
And their wearing you like a crown
But you’re jar trapped bees
And it’s plain to see
That you can’t tell what’s up or down

Take it easy on me now my brothers
Take it easy on me now my brothers

Well it’s no surprise
In those steel blue eyes
I can still see some flecks of fear
But you’ve grown up fast
So forget the past
And just hurry yourself from here

Take it easy on me now my brothers X4

[Snow Patrol - My Brothers Lyrics]

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