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    Elementary Season 1 Soundtrack List (2012)

    Elementary Season 1 Soundtrack List (2012-2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
    Original air date: September 27 2012

    Optimist by Zoe Keating
    - song played as Joan is called to go the place of Sherlock’s and also played when  Sherlock is dressing
    Legions (Aftermath) by Zoe Keating
    - music playing as the woman is killed in the first scene
    Young Blood by The Naked and Famous
    - song playing as Joan is going for a jog
    We Insist by Zoe Keating
    - scene when Joan and Sherlock exits the subway and walk on the road
    The Path by Zoe Keating
    - song played in the scene where Sherlock is on the roof
    Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello
    - closing scene song
    Pinned and Mounted by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Hidden In Snow by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    What If We Could? by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 2 “While You Were Sleeping” s01e02
    Original air date: October 4 2012

    Bloodline by James Mathé
    - ending song
    The Path by Zoe Keating
    - song played as Sherlock and Joan share a bag of chips in the elevator
    Optimist by Zoe Keating
    - song played at the scen of ‘Coma’s real’
    Partita No. 2 in D Minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1004: Chaconne by Conrad von der Goltz
    - song played by Sherlock on his violin at the ending scene
    Only Games Feat. Aoka by Castlebed
    - background song while Watson meets her ex lover in the bar
    Partita No. 2 for Violin in D Minor, BWV 1004: III. Sarabande by Hilary Hahn
    - song played by Sherlock on his violin

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 3 “Child Predator” s01e03
    Original air date: October 18 2012

    Escape Artist by Zoe Keating
    - song laying as before Sherlock and Joan bring boxes from upstairs
    Outta My System by My Morning Jacket
    - song from the final scene
    The Path by Zoe Keating
    - song played before they are noticed about the hit on their BOLO
    Optimist by Zoe Keating
    - opening song as Joan and Sherlock are in the brownstone

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 4 “The Rat Race” s01e04
    Original air date: October 25 2012

    The Silver Lining by Gold Leaves
    - closing scene

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 5 “Lesser Evils” s01e05
    Original air date: November 1 2012

    Travelin’ On by Norah Jones
    - ending song as Joan and Sherlock talk, while Joan is looking at her photos from the hospital

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 6 “Flight Risk” s01e06
    Original air date: November 8 2012

    Screen (iTunes Session) by Brad
    - when Watson calls the name “Irene”
    We Insist by Zoe Keating
    - song playing as Sherlock is revealing the pieces of the puzzle

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 7 “One Way to Get Off” s01e07
    Original air date: November 15 2012

    The Path by Zoe Keating
    Feather On the Clyde by Passenger
    - music heard as Watson finds out about the death of Irene from Sherlock
    Feather On the Clyde (Acoustic) by Passenger
    - song playing as Holmes discuss about Irene
    Let Her Go (Acoustic) by Passenger

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 8 “The Long Fuse” s01e08
    Original air date: November 29 2012

    Calm the Storm by Graffiti6
    - final scene song
    Money for the Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame) by Alberta Cross
    - song playing right befire the bomb goes off in the office

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 9 “You Do It To Yourself” s01e09
    Original air date: December 6 2012

    You Do It To Yourself

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 10 “The Leviathan” s01e10
    Original air date: December 13 2012

    Shine a Light by The Rolling Stones
    - Joan, her mother and Sherlock are  looking at news about a painting of Pieta that was returned
    Medicate Or Stimulate by Minutes Til Midnight
    - song played as the vault heist is taking place
    Symphony No.9 In D Minor, Op. 125 “Choral”: Ode to Joy by London Symphony Orchestra & Josef Krips
    - Sherlock walking on the streets after leaving the house of Watson
    Scenes of Childhood: I. of Foreign Lands and People by Evelyne Dubourg
    - song played on the piano by Sherlock at the crime scene

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 11 “Dirty Laundry” s01e11
    Original air date: January 3 2013

    Arise, Awake by Paul Banks
    - closing scene as Holmes finds out that Watson found another job

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 12 “M.” s01e12
    Original air date: January 10 2013

    Me and the Devil by Gil Scott Heron
    - song played as Holmes is placing a white paper where were the photos from the crime scene
    Me and the Devil by Gil Scott Heron

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 13 “The Red Team” s01e13
    Original air date: January 31 2013

    Broken by Jake Bugg
    - song from the ending

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 14 “The Deductionist” s01e14
    Original air date: February 3 2013

    Bom Bom (Radio Edit) by Sam and the Womp
    - opening song
    Square Circles by Moon Taxi ((ft. Matisyahu)
    - closing song
    Hand of Doom (Live) by Black Sabbath
    - music playing as Ennis is unloaded for surgery at the hospital

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 15 “A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs” s01e15
    Original air date: February 7 2013

    Forty Five by Bootstraps
    - song from the final scene
    Escape Artist by Zoe Keating

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 16 “Details” s01e16
    Original air date: February 14 2013

    Exit for Sale by Dr. Dog
    - song from the ending scene as Holmes gets a ball in face from Watson
    No Man Is an Island (Losers Theme) by Losers
    - music playing as Holmes is practicing shooting at home.

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 17 “Possibility Two” s01e17
    Original air date: February 21 2013

    New Alphabet by Eels
    - music playing as Sherlock traps a bee
    La vieille chanteuse by Claire Diterzi
    - Sherlock trying understand molecules
    Subway 101 by Dr. Jawn & Manny Fly & Mad Dog Sly
    Crafty Party by Gert Wilden
    Prelude In B Minor, Op. 28, No. 6 by Jeremiah Jones
    - song played by Mrs. Dunwoody at the piano

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 18 “Déjà Vu All Over Again” s01e18
    Original air date: March 14 2013

    Line of Fire by Junip
    - ending song
    24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1: Caprice in C Major, Op. 1, No. 11 by Midori
    - song from the first scene

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 19 “Snow Angels” s01e19
    Original air date: April 4 2013

    Penny by Hanni El Khatib

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 20 “Dead Man’s Switch” s01e20
    Original air date: April 25 2013

    Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude by J.S. Bach
    - song played by a girl as Watson and Holmes visit the friend of Alfredo
    Two Trains by Yo La Tengo
    - background music as Holmes receives a present from Watson

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 21 “A Landmark Story” s01e21
    Original air date: May 2 2013

    My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean by Countdown Kids
    Singin’ the Blues by Bix Beiderbecke
    - the scene where Sherlock is burning a doll

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 22 “Risk Management” s01e22
    Original air date: May 9 2013

    Don Giovanni (Don Juan), K. 527: Overture by Saint Petersburg Festival Symphony Orchestra & Alexander Titov

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 23 “The Woman” s01e23
    Original air date: May 16 2013

    “This episode needs your help to add the songs”

    Elementary (Season 1) – Episode 24 “Heroine” s01e24
    Original air date: May 16 2013

    Start Anew by Beady Eye

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