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    Little Mermaid Soundtrack List - Tracklist

    Little Mermaid Musical (2008) Soundtrack  List – Tracklist – OST – Original Music from the Motion Picture

    1. ACT I
    2. Sailors – Fathoms Below / Where I Belong
    3. Mersisters – Daughters Of Triton
    4. Ariel – The World Above
    5. Scuttle, Gulls – Human Stuff
    6. Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam – I Want The Good Times Back
    7. Jodi Benson – Part Of Your World
    8. Mersisters, Flounder – She’s In Love
    9. Prince Eric – Her Voice
    10. King Triton – The World Above (Reprise)
    11. Sebastian, Sea Creatures – Under The Sea
    12. Flotsam, Jetsam – Sweet Child
    13. Ursula, Ariel – Poor Unfortunate Souls
    14. ACT II
    15. Scuttle, Gulls – Positoovity
    16. Ariel, Carlotta, Maids – Beyond My Wildest Dreams
    17. Chef Louis – Les Poissons
    18. Chef Louis, Chefs – Les Poissons (Reprise)
    19. Prince Eric – One Step Closer
    20. Ursula – I Want The Good Times Back (Reprise)
    21. Sebastian, Animals – Kiss The Girl
    22. Flotsam, Jetsam – Sweet Child (Reprise)
    23. Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, King Triton – If Only / Her Voice
    24. Ursula – Her Voice (Reprise)
    25. Grimsby, Princesses – The Contest
    26. Ursula – Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)
    27. King Triton – If Only (Reprise)
    28. Ariel, Prince Eric, Company – Finale Ultimo

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    Category Little Mermaid Musical (2008)
    Little Mermaid Musical (2008) Soundtrack
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    Little Mermaid Soundtrack List - Tracklist

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