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    Necessary Roughness Season 3 Soundtrack List (2013)

    Necessary Roughness Season 3 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 1 “Ch-Ch-Changes” s03e01
    Original air date: June 12 2013

    Let’s Get Moving by Jon Mattox
    - scene where The Hawks and their new coach meet and Dani and Matt have a discussion about the things that have changed
    Believe In Me by Sloan
    - when the sister of Dani is coming to visit
    Start It Up Now by The High Decibels
    - scene where Dani meets Connor Mcclane at V3
    Sweet As A Golden Apple by KC Booker
    - music playing while Connor is giving Dani a tour of V3
    Mercy Man by Boy At The End of the World
    - Dani and the young star, Darryl Hutchinson meet
    Shake ‘Em Loose Tonight by Rumspringa
    - when Dani and his sister make sangria
    Gonna Get Ya by Sacha Collisson & Luke Fitton
    - scene where TK is geting fed up at the Hawks football practice
    I Am Always Here for You by Antonia Bennett
    - while TK received advice from Dani
    I Don’t Want To Be Alone by Eagle Eye Williamson
    - scene where TK is apologizing to the coach and Dani receives a new job offer
    Go Your Own Way by Lissie
    - music played when Dani has accepted the job offer

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 2 “Gimme Some Lovin’” s03e02
    Original air date: June 19 2013

    Move Like This by Hammerwax
    - Paloma and Dani have a walk around V3
    Catch Me If You Can by The High Decibels
    - the practice football of The Hawks
    Monsters by Exodus Road
    - when Troy and Nico are drinking at a bar
    Rush On You by The Dough Boys
    - when Dani is preparing for the dinner with Connor
    Lay Back ‘N’ Chillax by Kenny Werner
    - the dinner of Connor and Dani
    Top Of The World by N.E.P.H.E.W.
    - scene where TK, Marcy and Todd have dinner
    You’re So Pretty by The Pillow Fights
    - scene where TK, Marcy and Todd have dinner
    Let You Fall by Weather Maps
    - when Dani and Connor have a chat at V3
    Life After Consequence by Lee Hester
    - while Dani and Connor are admiring the view from V3

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 3 “Swimming with Sharks” s03e03
    Original air date: June 26 2013

    Use Me by Beans & Fatback
    - song played when Dani wants to meet Lindsey in the morning
    Ticking Bomb by Paul Otten
    - music played while Devon Langer is playing basketball
    Oh Yeah by Andrew Bojanic
    - song played while Devon Langer and Dani are practiceing free throws
    Average Joe by Steve Dudas
    - music played while TK and Abby have dinner
    Evil Baby by Boy At The End of the World
    - when Devon and his mother are kicked out from the basketball game
    Side Pocket Blues by Kenny Werner
    - scene where Tk and Abby eat dinner
    Ain’t Nobody Gonna Pray For Me When I’m Gone by Elijah Honey
    - music played while Connor and Dani talk about Abby Bruce
    Same Old Beat by Freddie Scott
    - music played at the V3 Party

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 4 “Snap Out of It” s03e04
    Original air date: July 10 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - song played for the recap of the last chapters
    Shake It Up Shake It Down by The High Decibels
    - music playing when Dani is leaving for work
    Trigger by Tatiana Owens
    - when TK and Sheera are making out
    Hips by Beans & Fatback
    - scene featuring Sheera and TK at the boot camp
    I’ve Been Waiting by Dan Kircher
    - Dani is going to the V3 girls night
    I’d Look Good On You by Ernie Halter
    - dinner for Sheera and TK
    So Fresh by The High Decibels
    - Sheera is pitching Brickhouse to Connor
    Do You Remember Sam? by Terry Day
    - when Sam and Dani drink together
    Figuring It Out by Mad Rose
    - song played when Dani decides to do to the room of Sam

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 5 “V3 for Vendetta” s03e05
    Original air date: July 17 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - song for recapitulation of last chapters
    Play It by Victory
    - Dani finds out the schedule of Paloma for next week
    Hurricane by Falcon
    - when V3 is invaded by FBI
    I Want My Mojo Back by Scott H. Biram
    - Bennett and Nico discuss at the bar
    Forget It by We3Kings
    - when the lunch meeting of Aby is intrerrupted by Connor
    Night Sky by Roses Gabor
    - Sheera and Tk talk in bed
    Strangely Calm by Siri Svegler
    - song played when Sam and Dani have dinner
    Hello Bright Lights by Kovas
    - song played at the Red Carpet event
    Hello by Via Audio
    - music heard at the charity event
    Drifting Away by Intensity Of Sound
    - second song played at the event
    90 West (Chimp Beans Remix) by Jugoe
    - music played by Connor at the event
    Ruff Love by Blues Saraceno
    - Sheera and TK borrow a car
    Muzak 5 by Adam Gorgoni
    - song played in the lobby of the hotel
    The Boys Had His Fun by Cold Shoulder
    - music heard when Dani finds the flash driver

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 6 “Good Will Haunting” s03e06
    Original air date: July 24 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - song for recaptitulation of last chapters
    Feelin’ Good by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
    - when Dani wakes up and is preparing for work
    100 Percent by The Slew
    - the fotball practice of the Hawks
    Choke by The Black Cadillacs
    - Sheera and Tk talk with Connor about the tape
    Soothing Me So by Victory
    - Sheera and Tk are being mobbed by the paparrazzi
    Snake Charmer by Eagle Eye Williamson
    - when Connor and the coach of the Buffalo have dinner
    Boy Got It Bad by Kail Baxley
    - song played when Sheera and TK are in bed
    Pure Power by Above Envy
    - when Connor is trying to negotiate for Tk
    Ghost In My House by Lucy Schwartz
    - when Tk meets his new coach

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 7 “Bringing the Heat” s03e07
    Original air date: July 31 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - recapitulation of last chapters
    She’s Making Me Fat by KC Booker
    - TK is getting angry with the reporters
    Revelry by The Careful Ones
    - Hutch gets advice from Dani
    Feels so Good by The Record Company
    - when TK takes a girl home
    Run Run Run by Jean Baptiste
    - when Hutch is playing baseball
    To the Max by Jon Mattox
    - Abby and Connor meet at the bar
    Prizefighter by Dinowalrus
    - when Sheera is breaking the stuff of Dani
    The Best by Cirious & Deelux
    - Nico in his car
    The End by Peasant
    - Sheera and Tk are breaking up
    Here I Go Again by Tika
    - closing scene

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 8 “The Game’s Afoot” s03e08
    Original air date: August 7 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - recap from the last chapter
    Rolling With The Punches by The Blue Stones
    - song played when Dani is going to work at the V3
    I’ll Be Bad by Alice Russell
    - TK and Sheera fight over who takes first a showe
    Hit Hard by Above Envy
    - Troy and Paloma argue at the V3
    Hush Now by Fink
    - Connor and Aby have dinner together
    Deep Alleyway Blues by Leopold and his Fiction
    - when the team has football practice
    Sister Coming by KC Booker
    - Leslie and Hannah practice exercise of trust on Dani
    Whatcha Say (Two Fingers Up) by The New Black Tea ft. Kyle Richardson
    - Leslie and Hannah have a competition in the race
    Running by Lucy Schwartz
    - Hannah is helped in therapy by Dani
    Break My Bones by John Taylor
    - Nico and Dani share some private moments
    Testify by Blackbells
    - TK signs a non-disclosure agreement

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 9 “Sucker Punch” s03e09
    Original air date: August 14 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - song for the recap of last chapter
    Two Broken Fingers Remix by Alex Cuervo
    - when TK is being evaluated at V3
    Pretty Money by Jack the Radio
    - when Dani and Paloma meet at the cafe
    Big City by We3Kings
    - song played at the box practice with Dani
    Hipster Shakes Instrumental by Black Pistol Fire
    - when Dani is helping the boxer to take a punch
    Black by Kari Kimmel
    - when Abby and Connor have a drink and talk
    Take You Home by The Black Cadillacs
    - song played when Paloma is tanking Dani for helping her
    Want You by The Wans
    - when Dani and Nico kiss

    Necessary Roughness (Season 3) – Episode 10 “Sympathy For The Devil” s03e10
    Original air date: August 21 2013

    Rule of Strum by Flaming Vito
    - song for the recap of last chapters
    These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Kari Kimmel
    - when Connor and Dani have a confrontation
    Ain’t Nobody Gonna Bleed For You by Elijah Honey
    - song played when Dani finds out about Alex
    Die To Live by Ernie Halter
    - when TK is practicing with Coach Purnell
    I Was Profound Tomorrow by The Delta Riggs
    - when Dani is finding Hutch
    Lil Rabbit Run Instrumental by Black Pistol Fire
    - song played when TK is in the big game
    Save My Soul (Main Title Theme the Men Who Built America) by Blues Saraceno
    - second song played during the game
    Drug You by Half Moon Run
    - third song played during the game
    Anything (Whistling Song) by Thomas Kivi
    - TK and the rep from Nike meet up
    The Falling Feeling by American Gospel
    - final scene

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