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The Dream- Wake Me When It's Over Lyrics

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Terius Nash, who goes by the stage name, The Dream, has released a brand new song titled "Wake Me When It’s Over" and it has been confirmed as the lead single off Dream's upcoming (and totally free) album, "1977".

The Dream- Wake Me When It’s Over Lyrics

Wake me when it’s over
Wake me when it’s over
I hate it when you go
I love to watch you leave
I hate the way you talk to me
I love you in them jeans
You so disrespectful
But damn i love your style
But shit, you so neglectful
How long have you been out
What have you been drinking
What have i been doing
Where i was last night
Did you mean who i’ve been screwing
Life on the internet
I look like a devil
But you wearing the red dress
Holding a shovel
Tried to keep it hush for you keep it on the low
Tried to spare your feelings
Shut the door
You knew it was over
I knew it was over
Everyone knew it was over
Wake me when it’s over
Yeah yeah i love the way you smell
But you always on some bullshit
I love how your body feels
Why must we do this
Stop with the excuses
I hate procrastination
You never had no one like me
Well why you so complacent

Now i’m feelin’ crazy and foolish
I hate that i’m inpatient
Damn we look so stupid
It was all down hill when you let them in our business
Thought that i could save you then we died in the abyss
Raise your hand if he was there i i
Raise your hand if you care i i i
But i’ll bite the bullet for your love
I’ll cock back and pull it for your love
You knew it was over i know you did
I knew it was over you knew i did
Everyone knew it was over
So wake me when it’s over
It’s so easy to throw you under that bus
That you riding on
It’s so easy to take you off that cloud
That you call home
It’s so easy to expose
Those who you love the most
But it’s so hard to disregard
And keep your mouth closed
I’ll take the bullets
You can pull it ow
Raise your hand if you care i i i
Raise your hand if you were there i i i
Got me out here
Takin’ takin’ takin’ takin’ takin’ bullets
Even though you knew it was over
And i knew that it was over
All our friends knew it was over
Now just wake me when it’s over
Yeah yeah yeah……
La la la la la ……

[The Dream- Wake Me When It's Over Lyrics]

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