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Train - When The Fog Rolls In Lyrics

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Train – When The Fog Rolls In Lyrics 

Driving over the bridge to give you my keys
I know you don’t love me
I know it ain’t easy
Friends become lovers
And lovers lose friends
That’s when the fog rolls in
Oo oo oo, I’m losing you
Oo oo oo, you’re losing me, too

In through the kitchen,
Where we used to laugh
Smells of your cooking
Sounds of the past
Somehow we got older
The air just got colder
That’s when the fog rolls in
Oo oo oo, I’m losing you
Oo oo oo, you’re losing me too

So much for sewing up
So this is growing up
Everything’s going up for sale
The fog kept on rolling in
Time came to sink or swim
They say it’s better to try and fail
And we tried like hell

I take a deep breath with my hand on the door
Afraid ’cause I’m not gonna see you anymore
These were our tender years, this was our street
All of our stoplights and all our concrete
Now it’s all somebody else’s to take
Until the fog rolls in

Oo oo oo and now we’re through

[Train - When The Fog Rolls In Lyrics]

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