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Trey Songz - Chapter V Lyrics

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Trey Songz – Chapter V Lyrics

Girl you ready,say you ready,hope you ready,know you ready
All I ask is venom in that dime hold it steady
Get it ,get it true freaks, blues sheets you gon’ wet it
Make up ,hurricane
It spins like a tornado and that thunderstorm hit it
And if you caught amnesia this night you still won’t forget it
Girl I promised to your body kept my word yeah I did it
Girl it’s on, I’d like to welcome you to Chapter V
Chapter V
Girl I’ve been writing this story all time
This is Chapter V
Bring your body,bring your body ,bring your body girl
Got your body I’ma treat it like it mean the world
Just some sexin’ and some sweatin’ in between us girl
Show me your lovin’ is all mine
This is Chapter V
Chapter V
Girl I’ve been writing this story all time
This is Chapter V

[Trey Songz - Chapter V Lyrics]

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