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Whitechapel - Animus Lyrics

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Whitechapel – Animus Lyrics

Black Seed of death
Hold me in your arms so tight
Black seed of death
Shower me in your darkest powers

I still can hear your voice whispering
The sweetest lullaby
I can still smell your sins
As if you had never left my side

Mother I swear to you
That despicable man shall pay with his fucking life
I know where he sleeps tonight
But I just need to know
Will you still be here

Black seed of death
Hold me in your arms so tight
Black seed of death
Shower me in your darkest powers

Psychotic motivation has me going again
But this time, it’s more than I can handle
he is just within reach
My heart is pounding and I start to break sweats
Of Every Weakness i Harvest Inside
My Prize has turned to fear
I’ve never felt so Vengeful
I have his head
But his Presence i feel inside of me

How can this be
Mother I have forsaken you
Please forgive me
Please forgive me

I am dead inside
I am dead inside

[Whitechapel - Animus Lyrics]

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