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Whitney Houston- For The Lovers Lyrics

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Whitney Houston- For The Lovers Lyrics

To all the lovers in the place
This song is for you
To all the haters in the place
Here’s something at you

It’s been a long crazy week, all I want is a little time
Rest my hands, cross my feet, let it go tonight
Leave the stress at home, tell the driver go
You ain’t gonna kill my vibe, oh no

I look at you, you look at me, you are ready now
What I want, what I need is you and me on the floor
I can feel your love when our bodies touch
If anyone is feeling like me tonight

Now throw your hands up for the next three minutes it’s about the lovers
(you know it, you know it)
Baby stand up if you’re single but you’re looking for another
(you know it, you know it)
Ladies tell your men you love them (yeah…)
Fellows tell your girl you love her (yeah…)
So throw your hands up for the next three minutes it’s about the lovers

Thinking about the ones that are looking down on you and me
Lovers in together now, now I’m completely free
Life is way too short, you might as well get yours
Lord knows I’m doing it

If your lover ain’t around
that don’t mean you can’t get down
(you know it, you know it)
And if you came her all alone
Find someone and hold them close
(you know it, you know it)

So throw your hands up
Baby let me see you stand up
And if you’re single it don’t matter
’cause this song is for everyone who believes in love


[Whitney Houston- For The Lovers Lyrics]

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